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Other Publications by Roger Storkamp

Minnesota trilogy:

THELMA’S QUILT First of Roger’s Minnesota trilogy
Upon the death of her mother, Seventeen-year-old THELMA RASTNER accepts the responsibility of nurturing an a adopted infant and tending the needs of her family of six adult men. Despite demands of maintaining a household, she finds time to piece scraps cut from her childhood clothing into the quilt her mother hadn’t had time to finish. Through her effort and her influence, the achievements and disappointments experienced by her family form a tapestry of sustained optimism.

BENEATH A CRESCENT MOON Second of Roger’s Minnesota trilogy:
After forty years of excommunication from the Catholic Church, MATT GERHARD, an embittered old man, accepts absolution but places demands on his estranged son, EARL, a damaged WWI veteran. Through a series of flashbacks, a two generational father-son pattern of conflict emerges that must be overcome before reconciliation is possible.

MISS WEST concludes Roger’s Minnesota trilogy
SONJA WEST, a retired country school teacher, maintains close relationships with three individuals; THELMA RASTNER, a former female student, MILDRED BUSHMAN, a life long female companion, and EARL GERHARD, whose proposal for marriage she rejected forty years earlier. Sonja’s latent sexuality is aroused while sharing a berth on a train with Thelma, and she begins to question her denial of a sexual interest with both Mildred and Earl.

SiFi Novel:

LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME  A biosphere hewn inside Haley’s Comet supports a functioning society on a four-thousand-year space mission to Alpha Centauri. Near the close of its first millennium, a teen age pregnancy disrupts a godless society that banned all natural human reproduction.


Memoir or Roger’s Father-in-Law
PVT. RICHARD LESLIE reveals details of his WWII combat experiences in the Philippine Islands including an unprecedented parachute drop onto Corregidor Island. He presents an honest view of courage, fear, and self preservation strategies. Atrocities committed on both sides created an emotional toll that plagued him throughout his eighteen months of combat and continued to haunt him throughout his life.  He asked that publication of PVT. RICHARD LESLIE be withheld until his ashes “dusted the breeze.”  Richard passed away on Good Friday, 2013.