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August 22nd 2pm-4pm

Tavern at the Falls

10201 Sun City Blvd

Mikel will be in full showgirl attire for a book signing. Come say hello!

October 1st 6pm-8pm

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The journey of a performer in traditional Las Vegas.

During a 2014 Fourth of July yard party, the host introduced Mikel as a former Jubilee Showgirl and two-time Olympic performer and Roger as a famous author. After striking up conversation about the mob culture of old Las Vegas, they began exploring the written works of Roger. After hearing Mikel's story, and a year in passing, the two came together in agreement to write the story of Mikel Peterson. The behind the scenes look at a small town girl pursuing her dreams of performing in the iconic neon labyrinth know as Las Vegas. The story tells of a journey that encompasses a roller coaster of emotion.

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